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Catering to multifarious job seekers as well as recruiters we help aspiring candidates providing them with opportunities to work in select countries, the booming economies of the world.
Since the liberization of the 1990's, India has experienced a major boost in its economic augmentation. A hyper-growth economy produces huge job prospects for young job seekers. As a booming economy, India generates jobs for a major chunk of professionals. But herein lies another challenge. Though many professionals can now secure jobs without too much difficulty, the often find themselves confronted with the issue of underemployment. Many skilled professionals do not get the right job. A recent report by the Indicus Analytics Group states that 53% or 71.4 million Indian professionals, in the age group of 15 to 29 years are underemployed. We therefore do our part to help overcome this crisis, by providing candidates with fitting job placements, commensurate to their qualifications.
Following a systematic step by step procedure to provide aspiring candidates with effective placement solutions, we function in various industrial sectors, inclusive of Hospitality, IT, Consumer, Finance and Healthcare. The different stages of the recruitment process include acceptance of orders from employers, analyzing the requirements, selection of resumes of aspirants and further short listing them before the actual screening of competent candidates (by aptitude tests, interview sessions) followed by interview, after which we arrange interview of candidates, conducted by the Employers.
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