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The Indian Education system has undergone a paradigm shift in the recent past. India has the world’s second largest secondary – student population of around 15 million. This number is expected to double over the next decade as more than 50% of India’s population of over 1.2 billion is below 25 years of age. Faced with the growing demand for higher education, India is looking to Private and Foreign players to bridge the gap. The Indian Economy is transforming into an international powerhouse requiring the best possible education for its citizens.
Establishing STAAR UNITED INC. started out as a professional response to the aspirations of the millions of youth of India who aspire for a truly global education, and which subsequently expanded, offering its services to students and professionals all over the world and helping them study / work in the country of their choice, may it even be their homeland. With constant upgrading of facilities, knowledge and services, we ever strive to reach the pinnacle, providing the best services for our clients.
STAAR UNITED INC. invites highly motivated individuals / companies to be part of our dream and share our success (and money!).
If you have the zeal and believe that you can contribute towards our mutual success, and make a much needed difference, by presenting aspiring young men and women with the opportunities they deserve, then do make sure you send us your Application on the below mentioned email addresses or call any of our numbers for an Associate appointment.
As part of our current expansion plan we wish to appoint associates throughout India in major cities and towns. Overseas enquiries are also welcome.
For aspiring associates:
An official associate is one who has entered into a written agreement with the Company.
Such associates cannot appoint sub-associates without approval from the principal, STAAR UNITED INC.
Such an arrangement with an associate is valid for the area approved and agreed for (if specified), and for the duration as determined in the agreement.
Financial terms and conditions governing the associate arrangement, which form part of the written agreement, will be determined by mutual consultation and acceptance.
Furthermore, the Association shall be governed by the terms of the written agreement signed with the company.
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