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The Federal Republic of Germany lies in the heart of Europe and is a cosmopolitan, democratic country with a great tradition and a lively present. From the high Alps in the South, the Bavarian plain, and the flowing hills of central to the coast of the North and Baltic Sea: it all looks like a miniature train landscape packed with the nicest of old towns, medieval houses, gothic churches and small villages. In Germany, you can find lively cities with wonderful architecture, charming villages and friendly festivals in every region. There are also many castles and palaces, since there you can admire the picturesque countryside.
Along with being one of the most beautiful country in the world, it has one of the world’s strongest economies with a high standard of living and offers an innovative research and education landscape. At the same time it has a strong creative economy and a dynamic cultural scene. Germany is the European Union’s most populous nation with 82 million inhabitants and it has the largest economy in the European Union and the fourth largest in the world. It is the world’s second strongest exporting nation and German companies enjoy an excellent international reputation. Important industries include vehicle manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemicals, environmental technology and nanotechnology. The backbone of German economy is its car manufacturing, electronics & pharmaceutical industries. Germany is an attractive location for foreign investors. The world’s 500 largest are represented in the country, alongside some 45,000 foreign businesses.
The education system of Germany is the best in Europe. They are concerned with standards in education and scientific research so these factors play the main role in making this country one of the most important educational hubs in Europe and in the world. In Germany there are some 370 institutes of higher education, of which 140 are entitled to award doctorates, and around 200 universities of the applied sciences some. Of some 2 million current students almost half are women and more than 240,000 foreign students are enrolled at German institutes of higher education. After the United States and Great Britain, Germany is the third most attractive country world-wide for foreign students.
The German university system is one of the oldest in the world & has set the standard for higher education in many countries. The oldest university in Germany today was founded in Heidelburg in 1386. German institutes of higher education are characterized by the quality & diversity of courses on offer and they combine established university traditions with modern facilities, research and teaching.
Germany has much to offer as a place to study - courses geared to international needs, internationally recognized qualifications such as Bachelor and Master, a credit system which allows the accumulation and transfer of study and exam modules. It is a country which highly values educational and vocational training, research and the sciences. The country has produced Nobel prize winners, high level scientific work is undertaken here, international projects are promoted and students from all over the world study here. The degrees awarded by German universities are highly regarded and recognized throughout the world by employers and academic institutions and the German higher degree, the Doctorate, is equivalent to any in the world.  
An attractive feature of the German education system is that most of the institutes of higher education are funded by the state and they normally charge no or nominal tuition fees, much lower than other countries of the world. Another important feature is the freedom that the student has to plan and organize his/her own work. Each faculty provides timetables and study plans, but the regulations permit students to individually vary the timing of courses and the content of particular seminars and projects. This enables the student to construct a program of study that is tailored according to his/her own personal needs and interests.

Summarizing, Germany is a country of thousands of possibilities and studying in Germany, where Education, Science and Research play a central role with no or less tuition fee is an ideal choice for international students.

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