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It is not very easy to make a career decision which is one of the most critical decisions’ in one’s life. Today, the paradigms have changed and so has the education and job market, beyond recognition. It is not surprising that most young people stumble into a career by chance, and not by choice…a decision which has bearing on ones entire future lifestyle is important not only for a livelihood but also for realizing one’s ambitions and getting a feeling of self worth and self esteem.
While a comprehensive educational and career counseling program is indispensible for a student in any part of the world, this is especially true in the case of India, mainly due to the many economical, social and linguistic barriers prevalent. Even with the myriad of career options available for the asking, many people are not yet aware of the vast number of opportunities available to them.

The Present Scenario

Then why..

  • Is there so much stress on Indian students?
  • In spite of scoring well, millions of students are unable to secure admission into reputed institutions of higher education?
  • In spite of being smart & intelligent the youth are stressed and frustrated with the system leading to such a high rate of suicide?
  • Even after completing whatever education possible to face unemployment?
  • Why must they compromise on their careers and their dreams?

People say that today’s youth have lost their way but in reality many of them are understandably confused and need to be guided to the right path. It is only when their confusion is dealt with that they will be able to reach their destination and find the success they deserve. Success is not achieved by coincidence; rather it is achieved by working hard along the right track.

Here in India, who decides the stream of education that the student opts for after completing Std. 10 or 12?
It is the marks obtained in the exam! The future of the students depends only upon their score and they end up in whichever institutes/streams their marks allow them admitted into.
 So what happens to the students own dreams and ambitions? Compromises, and ending up in a career they never intended choosing, and one which will not offer any job satisfaction or happiness.
The root cause of this is the ever increasing population here. The existing education infrastructure and employment opportunities available do not match the demands of the rapidly multiplying population. Many Indians today think that everywhere, i.e. in other countries too, the situation is the same. Hoping that someday it will change for the better, and simply waiting for that day, the youth of this country accept whatever comes their way and lead a life full of compromises.
What is it then that needs to be done?
Students and parents need to open their minds and explore the large number of educational and career options available in the other countries of the world. It should be understood that the opportunities in many other countries are far more lucrative and it is simply due to lack of awareness, that students here take the same worn out path and follow the herd, thereby ending up where they never wanted to.
It’s time they open their eyes to the ever broadening horizons and live their dreams by shedding their inhibitions and seizing the opportunities
Sounds good, but how does one go about doing it?
By getting the right guidance and counselling at the right time and from the right people.
 STAAR’S dedicated and experienced counsellors have counselled and guided thousands of students and professionals in regard to educational and employment opportunities in India and abroad. Many more have completed professional / vocational courses and are today, successful in the career of their choice not only in India but all over the world.
  • Low population huge infrastructure in foreign countries offer Indian students a more personalized and complete education.
  • Internationally recognised and respected institutes and degrees.
  • Few students and many seats so even after getting 50% PCB(as per MCI Act) it is easy to get admission in top universities for courses like MBBS without paying donation or giving entrance exams. Minimum 50% in PCM can give you a seat in engineering without paying any donation or giving entrance exam.
  • Student teacher ratio being 10:1 every student gets individual attention, gets interested in studies and is not stressed and therefore even the so called average students are able to make a successful career for themselves.
  • Very flexible education system. During the span of 3 year degree course student obtains 2 International Diplomas and 1 International Degree therefore student is able to take up a job after getting diploma and after getting work experience restart education anytime.
  • International diploma & degree recognised all over the world so gives the student opportunity to settle anywhere in the world including India.
  • Full financial support – Facilitating education loans from banks. Loans are given on the students name and have to be repaid after student completes education and starts earning. It means that financial responsibility is on the student and not parents and therefore student learns to be financially independent at the earliest.
  • Ample employment opportunities
The present need is therefore, for students’ and their parents to become aware of these opportunities and go forward with their decision to get the best higher education abroad which is the only way to come out of the spiralling educational whirlpool, and give wings to their dreams!
Many schools, colleges and universities are fast realizing that having the mandatory ‘counselor’ is not enough. Approaching us for our aptitude testing and counseling, admission facilitation and student exchange programs; they ensure that their students are presented with the actual opportunity rather than simply knowing about it
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